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Saberware Tools Agreement

All tools provided on this page are offered for your convenience. They have been tested and used by the various submitters, but we can make no guarantee to their function and will assume no liability for their use.

Access Database Documenter

Simple database documenter that overcomes some shortcomings of Access's built in documenter.

Download (11.8Mb)

This simple Access documentation tool allows the user to print out the format of selected tables in an Access database, including the comment field which does not print nicely in Access's built in documenter.

This install includes the VB6 runtime, MDAC, DAO, etc.

ASCII to CHR$(xx) Convertor

Converts an ASCII string into an equivalent series of CHR$(xx) codes.

Download (6k)

This program takes a string and builds an equivalent string of CHR$(xx) codes. Why? This will hide password's or other sensitive strings from prying eyes if the EXE is viewed in a HEX editor.

This was presented at the November 9th Geekfestivus by Jason Lautzenheiser.

Saberware Code Library

Series of DLL's containing some commonly used code.

Download (175k)

Saberware created these DLL's for it's own use, but has decided to release this for use by Geekfestivus members. These DLL's encapsulate some common routines. With these DLL's you have the option to include them with your EXE as a reference instead of in code. What's the advantage? Well mostly just to have these routines in a central spot for ease of use.

These are a work in progress and no guarentees are made. Please forward bugs, problems, comments on to us.

This was presented at the November 9th Geekfestivus by Jason Lautzenheiser.

Context Menu OCX/DLL Register/Unregister

Add register/unregister commands for ocx and dll files to your Explorer context menu

Download (1k)

The Context Menu OCX/DLL Register/Unregister is a registration file which, when merged into your registry by double clicking or installing, adds 'Register' and 'Unregister' commands to the context menu displayed when right-clicking a ocx or dll file. This is a timesaver, removing the need to run regsvr32 from the command line to register controls and libraries. It is available as a zip and a reg file - the reg file version will install immediately if you specify 'Open" when downloading.

This was presented at the July 6th Geekfestivus by Eric Schliffka.